Louisville Kentucky Crown Forklift Repair Service
& U.S. Forklift Parts Provider


Minton Lift Inc is an Extremely Customer Oriented Forklift Repair Service & Forklift Parts Provider!


Our goal is to Save Our Customers A Lot Of Money!  And we do exactly that!

OUR MOTTO IS > "Always do what is Best for the Customer! "

Has your company ever thought about hiring its own personal forklift technician?  But decided not to because of one reason or the other.  Now you can have your own personal technician with out the worries and liabilities of another employee.  Just call us whenever you need a technician and we will be there for you.

 Hello, and thanks for visiting www.MintonLift.com.  My name is Jimmy and I have been a Forklift Technician in the Louisville Kentucky area for over 20 years.  I have a lot of experience at troubleshooting and repairing forklifts and material handling equipment.  I have also been an instructor and trainer of this equipment.  I have a strong electrical background and very proficient problem solving skills.  I am experienced in servicing fleet accounts (forklifts, battery chargers, battery changers, batteries, electric carts, and scrubbers etc.) and I understand what it takes to perform this service in an efficient and economical manner.  I achieve this by a combination of the following factors:

I am experienced in many different makes and models of equipment, and I am very good at reading electrical and hydraulic schematics.  I stock my truck with the needed info for your particular equipment.  ( I have decided that I only want to work on CROWN forklifts at this time.  For multiple reasons.)

I take pride in my work and put forth every effort to properly diagnose and repair your equipment.

*  I establish a direct communication link with the customer by giving you my cell phone number. This allows you to speak directly to me and avoid the wait that comes with a normal dispatching service.  I also communicate with my customers via email and text messaging on a regular basis.

I will be the responding technician every time. This allows me to get to know your equipment and operation needs thoroughly, in turn increasing my efficiency.

I inform my customers which parts they should keep in stock.  This saves you money on labor time.  It also helps to eliminate costly down time and helps you to resume production in a timely manner.

* I keep files on each of your units on hand,  This allows me to immediately check the service maintenance history of the unit and identify a repeat problem which would indicate another situation that needs to be addressed to prevent future repeat problems.  Our present customers see dramatic savings do to this procedure!

   I understand that you have many choices when it comes to choosing a service provider, and therefore I am willing to offer you a service labor rate of $89/hr (compare to competitors rates).  This lower hourly rate combined with my efficiency will save your company a significant amount of money!  My current customers have multiples plants in the U.S.  My customers spend less than half of what their other plants spend, and my customers units have way less breakdowns! 

  Please feel free to contact me and we can schedule an appointment to tell you more about our company and the services that we offer.  Also feel free to email me for references.